Missanabie ATV Trails

We have many old logging roads and ATV trails in the area that also second as groomed snowmobile trails in the winter. Our road is only 1 km from the Chapleau Crown Game Preserve where there are miles and miles of trails and old logging roads. If you feel like doing 200 miles through the bush in a day then go for it!

There are many different types of terrains including sand, swamp, streams, deep bush, burn areas and well used trails. There are also many small lakes that never get fished by other people and can only be accessed with an ATV. If you have a small boat or canoe and have a trailer for it you can fish many many lakes that other people will never see. If you are into Brook Trout fishing, there are little streams all around with Brook Trout. You may even find a hole with some big ones.

A popular day is taking a trip to Dubreuilville for lunch. There and back is approximately 80 km (50 miles on way) or just tour around and look for Moose, bear, lynx, and wolf.