Ontario Fall Black Bear Hunting

The Missanabie Region of Ontario is the top hotspot for Black Bear hunting and our Bear Management Areas (BMAs) are the hottest of them all. We have two BMAs totaling 333 square miles and both are stuffed with huge Black Bears. The reason for this is we are located in a very fertile area that has many lakes and streams and a variety of landscapes, which produce an abundance of food that the bears like such as wild Blueberries, Raspberries and soft grasses. There are also plenty of Beaver and other small game that the bears feed on. To add to this, one of our BMAs borders on the Chapleau Crown Game Preserve (largest preserve in Ontario) and the other is only eight miles away from the reserve. Our BMA is also in close proximity to Missinaibi Ontario Provincial Park. Having two massive non-hunting regions encircling our BMAs and being located in a remote region where there is very little hunting pressure and very few outfitters means we can provide our guests with an outstanding Black Bear hunt.

Black Bears in our BMAs average around 250 pounds, which is much larger than the Ontario average. On occasion hunters meet up with bears between 400 and 500 pounds but Black Bears that big are rare and we do not want you to expect to see a beast like that. However, since the largest Black Bear harvested at our camp in recent years weighed in at 615 pounds, it's not unreasonable to feel the excitement and anticipation of the possibility of harvesting a large trophy boar over 400 pounds.

Sighting rates from year to year range from 95% to 100%. Harvest rates are usually around 65%. The reason why there is a large discrepancy between sightings and harvesting is because most of our bear hunting guests are regulars and know there are lots of huge bears in our BMA. As a result they feel the confidence to pass on smaller bears and wait for the big old males. We take a limited number of hunters per season.

We have a minimum of 35 baited hunting stands and all stands are at least 2 miles apart. We have stands set up for both rifle and archery hunting. Some of our stands are easy to get to for people with physical challenges. Most of our stands are very remote and only accessible by boat or ATV. We start baiting weeks ahead of time to bring bears in long before the hunt. This gets the bears in a pattern of returning to the stands to feed. It also enables us to view tracks and have sightings ourselves to know which stands are producing the most bears and which stands have a big bear feeding. We use 16-foot high manufactured ladder stands. We don't use any homemade equipment. This ensures you have a comfortable and safe hunt.

Our family has been in the lodge industry for generations and we use all our skills and experience to provide you with the best Ontario Black Bear hunting vacation you will ever have.