Ontario Brook Trout Fishing

The Brook Trout, also called the Speckled Trout by residents of Ontario, is the most beautiful trout in the world and the best tasting trout in the world. Of all the trout species available in Ontario, Brook Trout are in the most demand yet can be the hardest to find. They can be a very elusive fish because they migrate up and down streams constantly looking for food and cooler water. A Brook Trout stream can be a very fragile environment and over-fishing can wipe out a stream in days. With this in mind, we only disclose the location of our Brook Trout to our guests.

We have a small lake and a beautiful stream, which both have Brook Trout. Both are only accessible via truck and both are hidden way back in the bush. In the stream the Brook Trout are common up to 12 inches. In the lake you can catch them up to 18 inches. We are sure there are a few Brookies that are bigger in the lake.

Please Note: Due to unusual weather the last couple of years Brook Trout have been harder to catch. They like a few stable days of sunny high pressure weather to bite well. Somehow Smallmouth Bass got into the stream so the Brook Trout are spooked and tend to hide under log jams to protect themselves from bass.

Brook Trout like bright sunny days with high pressure. Any kind of atmospheric disturbance can cause them to stop feeding for days. If the weather has been consistently sunny then it's well worth the trip back into the deep bush. When they are biting, you should be able to catch 10 to 15 nice Brook Trout in an afternoon.

In the stream, a hook and a worm is the best bait. You can also float a floating jig with a little piece of worm. This is good when you want your bait to float down stream into a logjam or pool that you cannot get close to without spooking the trout. The trout will hit the float right on the surface. You can also cast tiny Blue Fox Spinners and tiny zero Mepps Spinners. In the lake you can put on small jigs or use a floating jig with a sinker and bounce the sinker along the bottom. You can also troll with a 3-way swivel rig and a tiny spinner or a Little Cleo. Brook Trout tend to hit lures that are blue and silver, green and silver and pink and silver.

When fishing deeper in a lake the Brook Trout will not go any deeper than 35 feet. During the summer, Brook Trout generally will be in that 25-35 foot range. In the evening they will come up to the surface to hits bugs and flies.