Ontario Moose Hunting

The secret to successful Moose hunting in Northern Ontario is to hunt in a region where there are very little or no deer. The reason for this is because deer carry a parasite that is deadly to Moose. In regions where deer populations are high, Moose are rare. With this in mind, we are happy to report that the deer population in our region is almost nonexistent and the Moose population is very high. There are so many Moose in our area that we are allocated multiple adult Bull & Cow tags, which most drive-to or boat-to lodges in Ontario only dream of getting.

Our Moose tags are booked for 2020. We will not be taking Moose hunt reservations for 2021 until after the 2020 hunt.

Each year we receive two cow tags for rifle and four bull tags for archery. This may change from year to year.

Moose Hunt: - $2600 for one Bull Moose archery tag ($650 each person based on a group of four) each extra guy over four is $300. If your group has less than four people it is still $2600.

There are hundreds of miles of game trails, ATV trails, old logging roads and burn areas, which will give you access to spectacular Moose hunting. Moose hunts can also be by boat where you can comb the shoreline and stake out actively used trails down to the water, which moose often visit in the morning and late afternoon. Our Moose tags are for WMU 32. We have Adult Bull tags and Adult Cow tags and we can accommodate both Rifle Hunters and Bow Hunters.

Our Moose hunts are unguided but professional guides with years of experience in the Missanabie area are available. We can also arrange assistance with retrieval and field dressing if desired.

Moose in our area are common in the 1000 to 1300 pound range. We have had a few guests harvest Moose over 1500 pounds. Big Bulls can reach even greater sizes but Bulls over 1500 pounds are rare. The availability of soft grasses and softwood saplings as well as Birch and Poplar Trees means our Moose do not have to survive on pine needles. Any avid Moose hunter will tell you meat from a Moose feeding on these types of vegetation taste fantastic with no gamy flavor, unlike Moose in the far north that mainly eat pine needles.

Our Moose hunts are 8-day hunts. If you get your Moose early in the week you can spend the rest of the week fishing if you wish. For generations our family has been in the lodge business and we use all our skill and experience to make sure you will have a Moose hunting vacation you will never forget.