Ontario Perch Fishing - Dog Lake

Perch are found everywhere in Dog Lake and can be caught in vast numbers. Some guests feel it's important to bring home a feed of fish and will sacrifice an afternoon and go into a weed bed and fish for Perch. You can catch a pail full in very little time. Perch are common in the 9 to 12-inch range but there are lots of Jumbo Perch caught that are 1/2 pound. We have had Perch caught that were over 15 inches. With a sport fishing license you can bring 50 Perch home for the big fish fry.

When targeting Perch in a Lake that has Northern Pike; the Perch tend to hang around outside of schools of Walleye and just a few feet into the thick weeds. It could be that they are attracted to the same food as the Walleyes or they are using the Walleyes as a distraction thinking there will be less chance of predation from Northern Pike with greater numbers. With this in mind below is a simple Perch fishing trick to get Perch out of the thick weeds and start a feeding frenzy.

Drive your boat into the weeds and then throw your anchor out into the weeds. Then back the boat out of the weeds while dragging your anchor. Let your anchor line drag a big clump of weeds out to open water a couple of feet off the weed line. When you pull out the weeds all kinds of bugs get stirred up and the weeds give the Perch a sense of cover. Just let your anchor sit on bottom and fish straight down with a small hook and small piece of worm. It may take a few minutes but Perch will come out of the weeds to your boat and you can catch a bucket full.