Ontario Smallmouth Bass Fishing - Dog Lake

Smallmouth Bass Dog Lake is absolutely stuffed with Smallmouth Bass. You catch them everywhere. It's a rocky lake with hundreds of islands and shoals and the perfect habitat for not only producing massive numbers of Smallmouth Bass; it produces big Trophy Smallmouth Bass.

In Dog Lake, like other Ontario lakes, Smallmouth Bass up to 2 pounds tend to travel in hunting packs. They patrol along the shore and around islands looking for schools of minnows, leeches and crayfish. When you come across a large pack of Smallmouth Bass you can experience non-stop action and catch quite a few in just one spot. If you keep going along the shore casting you will come in and out of schools of Bass and can very easily catch 80 to 100 bass on a good day. Mixed in with the smaller bass may be a few bigger ones in the 3-pound range.

Generally, big Smallmouth Bass over 3 pounds either travel in mating pairs or in small groups of 4 or 5 bass and lead by a dominant mating pair. These bigger bass pick the prime spots like a shoal sticking out from an island or a rocky point or rocky shoreline leading to a rocky point where the prevailing wind is blowing surface food in. Minnows follow the food in and the big bass just feast on minnows. Bigger bass tend to chase off the smaller Bass so if you run into a 4 to 6-pound Smallmouth Bass, it is almost certain there is at least one more around the same size in the area. Don't get discouraged because you are not catching lots of small ones. Big bass are big because they are smart. If you are in a prime spot and not catching anything, switch colors or go to a big worm on a hook and drag it across the rocks. Smallmouth Bass

Our guests do catch a great number of Smallmouth Bass in the 4 to 6-pound range. On rare occasions 6.5 to 7-pound Bass are caught. A Smallmouth Bass over 6 pounds is very rare and we do not want you to expect to catch one but they are in the lake so there is a chance that you do. Every year word gets out about someone on the lake catching an 8-pound Smallmouth. That's a fish of a lifetime.

The fact is Dog Lake is an awesome Smallmouth Bass fishery and they are easy to find and easy to catch. Our guests can experience high numbers or they can sacrifice numbers and go for size. Smallmouth Bass in Dog Lake also taste fantastic. When deep fried in batter they taste just like Walleyes and they are more fun to catch because they fight 10 times harder than Walleyes. They are also a fun fish to get your kids started on because they come flying out of the water as soon as they hit your line.