Ontario Spring Black Bear Hunting

Ontario spring Black Bear hunt has been reinstated: The season runs from May 1st to June 15/2017

In the spring the Black Bears are hungry as they just awoke from a long hibernation. Their fur is thick with a winter coat and jet black, unless there is a color variation such as a cinnamon Black Bear or a chocolate Black Bear. Our 333 square mile bear management area (BMA) is very close to the Missinaibi Provincial Park and the Chapleau Crown Game Preserve so the population of bears is very high. Our hunting guests enjoy a 95% to 100% sighting rate.

Black Bears are common in the 250 pound range and occasionally hunters harvest a Black Bear between 400 and 500 pounds.

We have hunts for both rifle and archery. Please read our other bear hunting page for more details.

We take a limited number of hunters per season to make sure we keep good quality bears.

We require groups to have 4 or more people for the spring hunt.