Ontario Whitefish Fishing - Dog Lake

Whitefish are common in Dog Lake and can get really big. They average around 3.5 pounds and if you get into a school of them you can experience a ton of action. The Whitefish in Dog Lake also fight really hard. Whitefish can also get to be a good size with some going over 12 pounds. The majority of Whitefish you catch in Dog Lake are in the 2 to 5-pound range.

In the summer guests who fish for Lake Trout commonly catch whitefish when using small lures. You can also locate schools of Whitefish on your depth finder and drop down small jigs or a hook with a Dew Worm or a Wax Worm. Summer is really not an easy time to catch them. The spring is a different story. Just after ice-out there will be thousands of Whitefish schooling just off shallow bays and at the mouth of streams. They are waiting for the May Flies to hatch. At this time they can be taken close to the surface with tiny spinners or a hook and a worm on a float. What has become very popular is fly-fishing for Whitefish. The Whitefish are waiting for the May Flies so at this time their attention is on the surface of the lake. Large gray and black dry flies are very effective. The Whitefish also fight extra hard in the spring and even more exciting on a fly rod.

With a sport fishing license you can bring 25 Whitefish home. Most people smoke Whitefish. If you do not have a smoker, Whitefish is really nice steamed or poached with lemon and butter. Some people do cook them like they would cook Walleye but Whitefish tend to have a much stronger fish flavor and steaming the fish brings them closer to tasting like Walleyes.